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Sedona Heart Space Retreats

Reconnect and ground yourself through love and compassion

Heart Space Retreats focuses on bringing you into the now through love and compassion. We welcome in clients of all genders, from all over the world, who are seeking to move forward in their lives with peace and harmony. We often find ourselves stuck in depression, stress or anxiety and accept this as a part of our "new norm" usually finding ways to ignore the issue or go into endless loops we feel we cannot get out of. 

Society today is not structured to give warmth, love, compassion and a sense of community and this leaves us feeling alone, stuck and disconnected from ourselves and those we love. 

The founders of Heart Space Retreats decided to create a community based retreat center that allows others to feel a sense of belonging the moment they walk in our door. All of the tools we give you during your sessions are from personal practices in our own spiritual development. Through shadow work, mindfulness practices and self care, we have carefully structured our retreats in a way that is positive, uplifting and resetting so you can return home feeling more balanced and at ease. 

Retreat Packages

The Divine Feminine Healing Approach

What is the Divine Feminine? When we speak of the divine feminine we often do not understand what this truly means. This is the energy within us that is the nurturing, loving, accepting, calming, softer and more intuitive. This is the Yin energy that flows within all of us. It is the stillness within us that is also wild and free. In Traditional Chinese Medicine Yin energy needs to be nurtured and balanced along with our Yang (Divine Masculine) energy. This is how we promote balance and harmony within out bodies and our lives. For many generations we have all lived in our Yang energy, and find ourselves often stressed, unable to heal past emotional wounds, or feel a sense of community and support with one another. Our divine feminine has not been fully expressed, leaving us feeling disconnected from ourselves and nature. Our retreats focus on calling back that Divine Feminine energy, regardless of your gender, to help you feel the love and support that you need along your journey. It is up to you to choose to explore your heart space and step into the Divine Feminine aspects of yourself.

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